Days of the week: Suns’ Day, Moon’s Day, Two’s Day, Wend’s Day, Thorn’s Day, Fae’s Day, Satyr’s Day. In common conversation, often only the first word is used. For example, “I have a meeting next Thorn’s, but I’m free Two’s morning.”

Months of the year: Platina (32 days), Messing (14 days), Blauw (31 days), Gouden (32 days), Groen (31 days), Brons (32 days), Rood (31 days), Koper (32 days), Zwart (31 days), Chromatisch (32 days), Zilveren (31 days), Wit (32 days).

  • Vernal Equinox – Blauw 15th
  • Summer Solstice – Brons 15th
  • Autumnal Equinox – Zwart 15th
  • Winter Solstice – Wit 15th

The current calender was created by the Krell Emperor Decius VII. Messing has only 14 days because on Messing 19th and 27th, 4016 the Emperor’s two children died of a wasting disease. He wanted to wipe the month from existence by Imperial Decree, but opposition from priests of the Winter Queen created a compromise for a shortened month.

The current year is 8562.


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