Church of the Verdant Miasma

The followers of the Green Dragon are a minor religion in Ludheim. Its patron dragon keeps its identity cloaked in myth; several ancient wyrms, including Charbone have claimed the mantle when it suits their purpose. The faith’s basic tenets hold to a fatalistic view on the inexorable tide of nature. Nothing can withstand the cycle of life, growth, and death. Because of this, many of the Verdant Miasma’s clerics are famed undead hunters.

Many of their rituals involve powerful poisons and acids, a celebration of the breath of their god. Members of the priesthood must inhale a toxic gas and survive in order to reach certain levels of authority. Stylized versions of gas masks and protective suits are often worn during services. This results in the Church being an authority on poisons and poisonings, so much so that a quasi-derogatory nickname for the faithful are “Poisoners”. Embracing this, many priests and dedicated followers band together in exterminator businesses; cleaning out vermin, serving the cycle of life and death, and making a little gold for the Church’s coffers.


Domains—Destruction, Healing, Law, Plant, Strength

Favored Weapon—kukri

Church of the Verdant Miasma

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