The poison our society runs on


“Sooty crystals” is probably the best description. Dragonstone is found within the earth, usually in areas deep underground. A chunk of dragonstone is crystalline in appearance, but in shades of deep black to smoky gray. Striations of other colors; normally green, gold, red, blue, and silver, but white, purple, and copper have been found, run throughout the stone. It is this coloring, plus its magical properties, that give dragonstone its name.

Quite simply, dragonstone makes magic easier. The burning, smelting, or other processing of the stone releases tremendous energy and can dramatically reduce the resources needed to produce a magical effect. It is used as a fuel source for magical devices, with the most famous example being the airships. Air travel in the World on its current scale would be impossible without dragonstone.

The rich veins of dragonstone in the Oth Xhud Mountains surrounding Ludheim are responsible for the city’s wealth and power. The downside of this is the numerous toxins and pollutants that burning the stone creates. Also, if burned under certain circumstances, the stone’s vapors have a hallucinogenic and narcotic effect. This has led to vapor dens being a staple of Ludheim’s underworld.


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