Zelig Templesmith

A Nobleman that can handle himself in a Family that can't




The Templesmith’s have always been on of Ludheim’s premier families. They predate the coming of the Dragons, and, in fact, their name comes from their early alliance with the Dragon Churches and their leadership in getting the first churches built. The Great Cathedral of the Red Dragon was built by a Templesmith. Their fortunes expanded with Ludheim; construction, shipping, magic and technology were in industries dominated by Templesmiths.

By the time Zelig was born, however, the tide had turned. The Templesmiths, along with many of the older families, had been pushed aside by the Merchant Princes. Additionally, within the past ten years a series of bad business decisions had drained much of the family’s wealth. Zelig spent much of his youth studying and training with the family’s personal guards, watching over the family’s dwindling holdings. He had no interest in a leadership role, but the incompetence of his sibling and cousins have forced him to step forward. He has spearheaded several magical and alchemical research projects, hoping for the breakthrough that will get his family back on top.

Recently, one of these projects, an alchemical binding fluid, was stolen from a warehouse. Zelig hired some goblinoid mercenaries, the best he could afford, to track down the thieves. This led to a meeting with the PCs on the Old Bridge.

Zelig Templesmith

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