Playing with Fire


Fire Elemental


Where now stands Ludheim thousands of years ago was to frontier outpost city of the Krell Empire, Luud. Here, scholars and mages, studying the ways of magic, summoned the fire elemental Xichetalpan. While helpful, the nature of an elemental can’t be denied. One particularly boisterous night on the town resulted in burning down a large chunk of the city. The mages locked up Xi in a binding circle, intending the imprisonment to be temporary until things quieted down. Unfortunately, history had other plans for the Krell. The location of one bound elemental fell through the bureaucratic cracks of a crumbling empire.

Recently, Our Heroes discovered Xi in the Krell ruins under Whitthaven. After considerable debate, they release her. Before returning to the Plane of Fire, she promises each of them a boon – just speak her name.

Bill considers himself special in Xi’s eyes and regaled her with tales for her amusement. The elemental seems to return the sentiment.


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