Tobin Janos

Priest of the Church of the Verdant Miasma, Breather of the Dragon's Breath


Human Cleric


Janos is the head of the Dis River Temple of the Church of the Verdant Miasma. He quite often indulges in dragonstone vapors, believing the visions he experiences are signs from his god. (Given that this is not an uncommon practice in the Church and the magical nature of the ’stone, they very well could be.) Despite this, Janos has a solid reputation in the community.

Janos knew Nashton Stitch as an orphan child and tried to steer him toward righteousness, but failed. The PCs met him following Stitch’s trail, and he led them into the “Test of the Dragon”. His visions had told him they were coming, and they needed to be tested to ensure they were the right people in the right place at the right time.

Tobin Janos

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