Ruby Rose "Rosie" Danderfoot

A sweet, little thing that has a penchant for the "pretties".


At 2’9”, Rosie always finds herself in the lower areas of life. Striking red hair, her usual choice of garish clothing and mega watt smiles make up for her lack of height. Who would ever want to say no to those sparkling blue eyes?

Hungry? In a bit of a pinch and you need necklace for your sweetie? Message Rosie! Not only can she whip up a roasted boar dinner but she can get you the latest in jewelry fashion, or weapon fashion or maybe that dirty old relic in the depths of a nearby dungeon….


The Danderfoot family business has been around for five lifetimes. Shortly after the Dragon Age had been ushered in , an adventuresome Milo Danderfoot decided to leave dusty, old tomes behind at his teaching position in the Ludheim university. His love of history blossomed and turned fruitful by uncovering artifacts. Some still reside in the family’s care but most have found a home in Ludheim’s museums. Today the Danderfoot family still gets their fingers dirty by digging out the remains of former cultures. The traveling life style, the contact with other peoples and the close knit family provided a surprisingly well-nurtured life.

Rosie, the youngest of three, grew up along side her brothers Milo and Marroc excavating forgotten tombs, copying sandy pictures off of cave walls, learning new languages and getting into the occasional scrape. Milo was a quiet, studious type with his nose constantly in books; Marroc, the eldest, followed in the shadow of his father, Tolman. Rosie, having found no niche of her own, trailed after the pair of brothers with sisterly adoration. If Milo sketched the current excavation site, so did Rosie. If Marroc wiggled through the tight confines of tunnels just locate the entrance of tomb, so did Rosie. Never becoming particularly talented in any area of an archaeologist’s work, the family ‘dealt’ with the girl by allowing her freedom of keeping herself occupied in any fashion that meant she stayed out from underfoot.

In Marroc’s twenty-third year, his father turned over the lead to a job the city’s preservation society had given to the Danderfoot family. Beneath an old canal that had long since dried up was rumored to have an underground river and network of caves that led out to the nearby sea. An ancient water people was to have called these caves home and inside this home a remnant of their god. All went well until an unfortunate accident led to Marroc’s untimely death. The now seventeen year old Rosie had decided to traverse down the length of restructured cave to go pluck a few of the sparkling rocks she had seen earlier in the day embedded in the wall. Unbeknownst to her, Marroc was still at the end of that tunnel working to figure out how to continue their progress. After gathering a few shards of the green mineral, the walls on either side rumbled then slowly began to collapse in upon themselves forcing the girl to dash out into the safety of daylight. It was only seconds later that a hired hand shouted out that young master Marroc was caught somewhere beneath the rubble. Many hours of digging revealed the crushed body of her brother.

Marroc’s passing brought a halt to the Danderfoot’s work for a couple of years. Tolman and Ruby holed up in the family home while Milo went to the university to bury himself further in old books that brought history to life. Rosie, who had never found a place of her own, drifted through Ludheim’s streets searching for anything to keep the gnawing guilt from shredding her inside out. It was after Rosie found herself in one predicament too many that her Aunt Lily stepped in to contain the young girl’s troublesome nature.

Lily Bree was sister to Ruby Rose Danderfoot, Rosie’s mother. Aunt Lily never did find herself in the good graces of the Bree family, or the Danderfoots for that matter, having chose a life of procurement. It was not necessarily a life of dishonesty if you took reputable jobs but those were rather hard to find when everything seemed to go to the highest bidder. Taking the skills she had learned while working with her family, the loving nudge from Aunt Lily and mixing it with her growing love of the pretties she could acquire down in the depths of dark passage ways and dungeons, Rosie soon found her own rather profitable calling.

Father – Tolman Danderfoot
Mother – Ruby Rose Danderfoot
Sibling – Milo Danderfoot
Sibling – Marroc Danderfoot(dead)
Paternal Grandfather – Rorymac Danderfoot (dead)
Paternal Grandmother – Pearl Danderfoot
Maternal Grandfather – Halfred Overhill
Maternal Grandmother – Ruby Rose Overhill
Maternal Aunt (Mother’s) – Lily Bree

Ruby Rose "Rosie" Danderfoot

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