A caring healer with a storm brewing underneath.


6’2” and stocky. Greenish tinged skin. Shaved head with a long black topknot. Slightly protruding tusks. Dresses in simple clothing and hide armor of woodland colors.

His faithful companion is Nakai a wolf who was orphaned and he raised from a pup.


Like many Half-orcs Chaska was born an outcast and abandoned by his human mother in the Danutin Forest. Luckily he was found by a kindly old druid named Cernach.

Cernach raised Chaska as a son, but because of his mixed heritage Chaska had problems growing up. He spent a part of his youth angry at the world. Cernach helped Chaska to focus that anger into helping others. When Chaska was only 13 Cernach and Chaska came upon a local village that had just been attacked by brigands. Cernach and Chaska helped nurse many of the villagers back to health. This was the key to channeling Chaska’s anger. Cernach and Chaska began to travel the Danutin Forest looking to help all among the various communities with their healing abilities.

On his 21st birthday Chaska found a hurt wolf cub abandoned near where Cernach found him. Chaska managed to heal and nurse him back to health. Nakai, as Chaska named the cub, has now grown to be his constant companion and friend.

A few years ago Chaska met a Half-orc warrior named Grimloc. Grimloc had been wounded and Chaska healed him. Chaska saw the same anger in Grimloc that he himself fights with. They have since become friends and have started to explore the world together.


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