Benny Five-Points

The life of the party, until he slits your throat.


Halfling Rogue


Born in the impoverished St. Ulrika District, the halfling that would grow up to be Benny Five-Points was left on the steps of the Five Point Home for Foundlings and the Wayward, named for its location at the intersection of five streets. At an early age Benny learned to use his natural talents for charm to survive and even get ahead. He ran with several gangs; the Thundermitts, the Half-Wedge Hackers, Long Sally’s Troublescouts, including a casual membership in Blodget’s Bastards. The name “Five-Points” was intially a dig at his low origins, but he wore the name as a badge of honor, once he earned it through honeyed words and a few broken hands. His easy likability coupled with his brutal ruthlessness brought the attention of the Flintwhistle Family, a powerful arm of the Thieves Guild. Their offer was simple: He was in with the Family, he just has to offer up the Bastards. The small gang had been creeping into Guild territory and needed to be eliminated. Benny gave them up without hesitation. Since then, he’s only gone up in the organization.

Benny contacted the PCs to let them know that Nashton Stitch was operating outside Guild orders, and that they had no need to fear from Guild reprisals. He also wanted to reconnect with his old friend Bill.

Several years ago the Five Points Home burnt to the ground, killing the entire staff. This was a complete coincidence.

Benny Five-Points

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