Warrior with a crude sense of honor, looking for a purpose and pick up some coin along the way.


6’9” Half-Orc!


Grew up in the Frontier. Fathered during battle and passed between Orc and Human villages. Not really accepted in any society, Grim learned to stand-up for himself pretty quick. Grim killed (Killer Trait) for the first time at age 8. Because of this, he caught the attention of a warlock/despot named Uhirence B’thar. While working for B’thar he quickly learned to be an expert soldier(Armor Expert Trait). His mentor was a Black Orc, Sergeant Slagg. After removing their-selves from B’thar Service, Sgt. Slagg and Grim traveled the Frontier taking what jobs they can. Sgt. Slagg was called home to Fortress Kraggadon in the Nymnvyrr Mountrains. Grim wandered a bit and eventually met Chaska who seems to give him balance.


Dining on Ashes Ziek