Henry Maurice Davies



5’10” tall, 1×0 lbs., sandy hair, uses spectacles for reading on occasion. When he speaks Common, he does so with a posh Ludheimian accent befitting the upper classes, of which he is a tangential member. Can speak Elven and Draconic, too. Good with Alchemy, Disguise, Performance, and Magic, among other things.


Henry is a poet and a shopkeeper in Ludheim, his hometown. He is a half elf, as were both of his parents and many generations before them. As such, he does not have very strong ties to pureblood elves, and in fact finds them a bit intimidating, though vaguely intriguing. Does speak the language, but otherwise lives primarily a human existence. His parents, Fairfax and Martha (née Bristol) Davies, are both deceased, and he was their only child. He learned his bardic talents from his mother, and his business acumen and slight fencing ability from his father.

Though he is somewhat awkward at times, Henry is also a romantic and finds that women fluster him in exciting ways. However, unlike his friend Bill, he is a consummate gentleman and therefore has never had much luck with the ladies, at times preferring the comfort and consistency of his studies. Despite his bashfulness, Henry is actually more charming than he realizes.

To all outward appearances, Henry is a milquetoast, but he does have a darker side. For years has been trying to perfect his disguise-related spellcasting, to the point where he is actively attempting to develop an entire alter-ego, a glamour of a mysterious Eastern woman who wields a whip and is silent but deadly. As he is actively still working on developing this talent, he does not speak of this interest very much, preferring to wait and use it in a combat situation once its full potency is perfected.

For other spellcasting, Henry is interested in powers that aid in subterfuge or are helpful tangentially to a battle, such as providing light or invisibility to objects. He also has the stirrings of some telekinetic abilities.

Henry finds the rest of his team likable, if occasionally embarrassing in higher-class social situations.

Henry Maurice Davies

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