Dining on Ashes


In Which Our GM Attempts to Remember Events of Over A Year Ago and Dispense Them in Digestible Bits for...Reasons.

  • Our Heroes commandeer an airship and return to Ludheim.
  • The Gnolls spill it – The mysterious figure was Thunnoch Ulhar, an uncle Kothar Ulhar long thought dead. Thunnoch came to their tribe offering power for service. The Gnoll’s party had come North to check on another expedition. Thunnoch, or Thunnoch’s masters, had sent a delegation to offer an alliance with some new, mysterious power from the North. The skulls-on-pikes, and zombies, were all that was left of the delegates.
  • Rosie returns from adventures in far-off foreign lands.
  • Ludheim is abuzz with news of the Spring-Heeled Jack murders AND an increase in air piracy.
  • Thunnoch’s contact in Ludheim was the Blue Dragon Priest Dade Kintosh.
  • Henry and Rosie sneak around Kintosh’s quarters in the Blue Dragon’s tower. They find weird clay pots.
  • Kothar and Bill meet with Kintosh at the Squeaky Wheel. Violence erupts.
  • Kintosh’s thugs are wearing creepy masks. They are in fact not masks, but demonic symbiotes and the contents of the pots.
  • Under questioning Kintosh reveals that he’s in this for gold and the promise of power. He’s been a go-between for Thieves Guild smugglers and Sleeper cultists. He also knows that the Sleepers have had an artifact smuggled into the city. Grimloc puts him out of his misery.
  • Quintrell Flintwhistle, favorite son of the Flintwhistle crime family, makes the PCs an offer: he can’t go back on the deal he made with the Sleepers, but he can let the PCs know where they are – the sewers.
  • The Flintwhistle’s have hired on quicklings as extra muscle.
  • Benny Five-Points is a valued member of the Flintwhislte family.
  • Our Heroes carve their way through sewer ghouls to find crazy cultist Weeques. The artifact is a stone temple shard and is hooked up to some crazy machine. The machine gates in a Shoggti, which Weeques refers to as an “angel”. Fight!
  • Weeques is taken alive. It does not go well for him.
  • Chaska brings in Lhainil Sparrowwyck, Priestess of Ariel, to remove the demon masks and cure Bill of his Ghoul fever.
  • Henry’s research reveals a secret of the Ulhar family. (Yes, this happened. It was just not brought up in play.)
  • A key with a minotaur crest is found in Weeques’s things. The crest was a symbol of the Vencir family, a noble house that was wiped out in a sahaugin attack 100 years ago. Their abandoned keep is up the coast.
  • A crew is hired for the airship
  • Grimloc leaves Kintosh’s corpse on display in front of the Blue Dragon Church’s tower.
  • They travel to the old keep to find it guarded by orcs. Fight! The orc mercenaries and their ogre leader are killed.
  • The door to the old keep tower lies open…



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