It was an Age of Wonders …and it was all falling apart.

The city of Ludheim stands at the edge of Vorel, where the Three Rivers meet the Sea. The dark and terrifying Oth Xhud Mountains ring the city, and for centuries it has been a beacon for trade and civilization. The Church of the Dragon Lord Vhermithrax keeps order from behind a smiling facade, because Ludheim is a valuable jewel; its Merchant Princes know the secret of airship construction and the Mountains hold rich veins of dragonstone. With this, the city’s stone-burning ships criss-cross the world spreading commerce, communication, and knowledge. Burning the dragonstone affords the city vast power, but everything, especially the poorer parts of town, carries a thin layer of soot.

Something has changed. The world was never a safe place, but now monsters and even more alien…things…stalk the land. Rumors abound of strange events; lights in the sky, bizarre weather, great pits opening in the earth. The treasures and curses of lost empires are being dredged. Something is coming…

Dining on Ashes

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